Filling the gap: Tailored dispersions of Carbon Nanotubes energized by LANXESS!

FAQ Interview

Find out what LANXESS offer and what are the main benefits for you in our FAQ Interview with Dr. Benjamin Bechem from LANXESS.

What is the challenge by the industrial usage of Carbon Nanotubes?

Bechem: During the production process of Carbon Nanotubes the material gets entangled and the cylindrical tubes create agglomerates which then prevent the transfer of the extraordinary properties of Carbon Nanotubes to the application. There is a clear indication that the fabrication of carbon nanotubes composites is not as easy as with conventional fillers. Despite the fact to handle nanomaterial with a very high aspect ratio, which might be a healthy risk, the challenge here is clearly to find a route to exfoliate the agglomerates to form single and stable carbon nanotubes without reduction of the aspect ratio. Additionally, the needed degree of exfoliation depends strong on the final application. This is exactly where we try to make a contribution.

What can LANXESS do and for whom?

Bechem: LANXESS fills this gap with “formulated product engineering” of tailored dispersions. LANXESS offers worldwide customer oriented solutions for providing the industrial usage of CNTs in form of homogeneous mixtures of highly dispersed and stabilized tubes for all different kind of applications.

Further benefits for your customers?

Bechem: One of the major advantages for our customers is truly the possibility to get the CNT-dispersion all over the world with identical quality standards based on technical and process know-how by Lanxess. Our aim is to produce the CNT-dispersion where it is needed instead of shipping the material over the ocean. Another advantage is that our technique allows the fabrication of aqueous CNT-dispersions with different quality levels. This opens new gates for the user during the industrial usage of CNTs in different applications. To identify the best quality for the application is equal to the best price.

Is this context proved?

Bechem: This context is proofed by investigating the performance in applications in the elastomer sector. There we produced NBR/CNT-composite exemplary with different energy levels and concentrations. The result of our testings was convincing so we concluded the customer should participate by our solutions.

Is it possible to combine carbon materials from different supplier in one product from Lanxess?

Bechem: You can create synergistic effects by using hybrid materials, e.g. multi wall with single wall nanotubes. This means there are no limitations for the combination of different kind of carbon materials to get synergistic effects directly from our hand.


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Benefits at a glance

Formulated Product Engineering of tailored dispersions of Carbon Nanotubes by LANXESS

Application advantage

  • Fulfill quality standards
  • Formulated flexibility (CNT-type, Dispergy agents, Concentration, Dispergy energy)

Business opportunities

  • Worldwide support for FPE*
  • Cost saving with local production sites

* Formulated Product Engineering


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